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This sector is represented by Richard Pieris Exports, Richard Pieris Natural Foams, Arpitalian Compact Soles, Micro Minerals, and Richard Pieris Rubber Products.

Richard Pieris Exports PLC

Richard Pieris Exports is set to record its 30th year in operations on 30th June 2013. The Company manufactures and exports various types of rubber mats, jar sealing rings and small moulded products to Europe, USA and Asia Pacific regions from its factory in Ekala since 1984. The Company also has established its presence in the local market by selling export quality rubber mats. The Company's range of mats include specialized products for industrial use, entrance, agriculture, gymnasiums and specialty items such as fire retardant mats, electrical safety mats and anti-static mats. Product innovation remains a key area of the Company. Research and Development division of the company continued its efforts in the product development.

Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd.

Richard Pieris Natural Foams Limited (RPNF) manufactures and markets 100% natural latex foam blocks, sheets and pillows for international market from the factory located in the free trade zone, Biyagama.

Arpitalian Compact Soles (Pvt) Limited

Arpitalian Compact Soles manufactures shoe soling sheets for the International shoe manufacturers. The Company is a joint venture with Davos SPA, a globally reputed manufacturer for shoe soles.

Micro Minerals (Pvt.) Ltd

Micro Minerals (Pvt.) Ltd produces mineral products which are essential raw material to the polymer industry. Manufacturing plant being located at Bandaragama, the Company mainly supplies to Richard Pieris Group of Companies.

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